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Integrative Approach for Whole Body Healing, Using Wisdom of the Past,and the Advanced Technology of the Present to Create a Better Future. Body, Soul and Spirit.




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We have a verity of practitioner grade health and nutritional supplements. Visit our online store, all of the products recommend are researched and tested on our selves and family.


PETREE HEALTH FARMS is a local farm in Cumming, Ga. Utilizing the Tower Garden aeroponic growing system we make fresh, delicious, non-GMO food available for all.


Practitioner Seminars are for health practitioners and people who want to learn how to move forward and dive deeper into their area of expertise and growing your practice.



I believe in providing you with one on one personalized health care, and taking the time needed to utilize all areas of Integrative Holistic Health to provide you with a comprehensive & customized heath program. Your health is my first priority! Whether you are looking for help with your special needs child, wanting to assess hormone, thyroid, and adrenal imbalances for yourself, or perhaps seeking answers regarding optimal health and fitness, I will properly address your health concerns and put you on the right path to healing. You deserve answers and real solutions for your health challenges. Because of my Digital House Call options, no matter where you are in the world, I can assist you. I look forward to helping you in your pursuit of health and wellness!

Our Specialties Include

"Finding Petree Health Center was a act of God"

“Kimberly is doing amazing Integrative Therapies with me, Petree Health Center will continue to be an integral part of my healing”

||This was the absolute best experience we’ve ever had to take care of both of our aches and pains! We set up appointments with Kimberly every time we go to Georgia. Never had this kind of therapy before, but we will definitely do it again and recommend to others.||


Pamela N., Flordia

County Cleark

"I am seeing Kimberly because I have nodules in my thyroid. Doctors can only help me by suggesting to remove thyroid. I have been working with Kimberly for almost 4 months and all of my symptoms of anxiety and tiredness are disappearing, I’m starting to lose weight, and my skin is clearing up. I can not wait to see more changes."


Yesenia R.


We see incredible results with our clients

We put all the missing pieces together

We investigate the core or root cause of your condition. Rather an a one size fits all program, you will have a customized protocol.

Integrative approach to testing

We believe in using the most minimally invasive testing. With out compromising your outcome of results, and obtaining practical solutions

We will guide you

We believe in the power of relationships. Recovering form complex health problems is an enormous life change. You will have us by your side through every step of your healing.

Let us know how we can help you reach your goals

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